The Native Trees of Colorado     A guide to all native trees of Colorado, with details for easy identification.

          Information about the Mountain Pine Beetle and the Pine Beetle epidemic, a compilation.

          Books about Colorado trees and Colorado's Natural History

The Detached Observer Blog, and The Tattered Flag

some results of 20 years of avocational studies:

The Design of Jules Verne's Submarine Nautilus revised 2015. Published in Extraordinary Voyages, vol. 19, no. 3, June 2013, pp. 1-24.   Impression of the Nautilus.

Construction of Egyptian Old Kingdom Pyramids. Cambridge Archaeological Journal, 1996, vol. 6, issue 1, pp. 150-163.
In the 1990s archaeologists and engineers finally gained a basic understanding of how the ancient Egyptian pyramids were built. This is one key report.
See also my further calculations in Pyramid Calculations: Manpower Estimates for Khufu's Pyramid (1998).

Reader's Guide to Ancient Egypt (to 1995)

A Simple Brick Bake Oven for wood-fired baking.

Designing a Sundial for Clock Time.   How you can design a sundial for any location, which gives clock time correct to a minute or two.

The Boats of Swallows and Amazons: traditional sailing dinghies.

Learning to Sail       Books about Skiffs       Books about Sharpies       Books about Large Sail Cruisers

Reader's Guide to the First Painters of the American West (incomplete)

Reader's Guide to Early Western Explorers (incomplete)

Reader's Guide to the Mountain Men of the American West (complete)

Lewis and Clark: A Guide to Sources of Information

Biscuits, Crackers, and Hard Tack in Early America; The Journal of the Early Americas, January 2011.

Meriwether Lewis's Lead Powder Canisters; The Journal of the Early Americas, August 2012.

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